Here's what some of our ladies have to say

Lynne Clarke

Friendly, supportive and encouraging and accommodate all issues. I’ve never done any sport whatsoever through school and adult life until I joined Zest and now I love and come at least 3 times per week.

Pat Pickett

Trainers appreciate my quirks and difficulties and change exercises appropriately so I can continue to keep mobile and assist with my weight loss. I feel sure that if I didn’t attend Pilates’ classes and general fitness classes, my back condition would deteriorate. Flexible approach to payments too

Dagmar Aust

I've been doing Advanced Pilates for almost two years now, and Pilates Stretch and Balance for even longer! Pauline and Jan are friendly, knowledgeable instructors who I trust absolutely. My strength, balance, and posture have all improved thanks to them - and the classes are great for weekly relaxation too.

Ros Davies

I’ve been a member of Zest since it started and due to arthritis I’ve been through 2 knee replacements which my surgeon said that my pre and post exercise routine assisted my excellent recovery. My cholesterol level has also dropped. The trainers are friendly, supportive and good fun. You always feel great when you’re finished.

Penny Chandler 

I’ve been a member from the beginning and enjoy doing group exercises and the company. We all think we don’t want to go but are always glad we’ve gone in the end

Julie Merson 

Everyone at the Zest Ladies Gym are very friendly and welcoming. The fitness instruction is excellent with beginners given a choice according to their ability of exercises to do. I have been coming here for 4 months and my fitness has improved and my muscle tone is better. I should have joined years ago. The value for money is excellent at £4.00 per session

Liz Sinclair Jones 

I suffered with a bad back at an early age and at 29 had to have a spinal fusion. In those days I was in a plaster cast for 6 months. My operation was very successful but I was always careful not to do anything physical that could cause harm to my back. When I retired at 60 I wanted to keep fit so I came to Pauling at Zest to discuss exercise. She advised me to join her ‘Back to Shape’ classes based on Pilates for a 6 weeks course which I did and benefited immensely from it. I now take 3 classes a week of full exercise and have met some lovely ladies in the process who have now become friends. I would recommend it to anyone.

Catherine Jones 

Zest has been part of my life for 5 years now. I love working out as part of a group it makes exercise much less daunting, Even in a mixed ago group class each workout is tailored to me as an individual. I was supported in exercising throughout my pregnancy right up to the day before I gave birth. The trainers always made sure I that I was comfortable and safe. Since my little girl was 6 weeks old I’ve been coming back to Zest. I’ve also been attending ‘Fit with Sian’ post-natal class which has enabled me to work out and not have to worry about childcare as my little girl can come with me and she also enjoys it too

Janet Gardner

'I have recently taken Pauline’s Diamond Pilates pelvic floor exercise course and can thoroughly recommend this course to all women, whether or not you currently have bladder problems. The course teaches you a program of exercises to strengthen and control your pelvic floor muscles. After the course you will no longer need to pop to the toilet just in case, as you will have the knowledge to be able to control your bladder to when you genuinely need the toilet. You will also learn how to control those sudden leaks during coughs and sneezes.

The program is progressive and you will have a series of exercise to practice at home to enable you to become your own expert in your pelvic floor.'