Pilates At Zest

At Zest we pride ourselves on being specialists in Pilates. With a range of different classes, we're sure there will be one that will suit you. 

Pauline is a Level 3 Pilates instructor and has been teaching pilates since 2012. Pauline will really teach you how to strengthen your body with an emphasis on your core strength and pelvic stability. She is also a Spine Safe Pilates Certified Instructor.

Please contact Pauline Lacey for further information:

Tel - 0785 5367 771

Email - palacey009@aol.com 

Beginners Pilates -

No prior experience is necessary for this class; a basic level of fitness is helpful but not essential. Clients are introduced to the equipment, techniques and some basic exercises.

Pay as you go - £8 plus £10 initial consultation


7 week course including initial consultation - £52 total

Intermediate Pilates

Definitely not for first-timers. Ideal for those who've completed the beginners course and don't have specific injuries relating to their spine. Its also suitable for those who have done some Pilates or Yoga previously. 

Expect a varied and challenging workout with more functional progressions and an emphasis firmly on effort and results.

Pay as you go - £6 plus £10 initial consultation


6 week course including initial consultation - £40 total

Advanced Pilates

This Advanced Pilates class is set to push experienced Zest clients to new levels. 

Pay as you go £4 per session 

Pelvic Floor Class

This is a 6 week course. It takes a full-body approach, not only working the pelvic floor but all of the muscles attached below and above it. 

6 sessions £48 

Pilates Stretch & Balance

This class is ran by Instructor Jan. She focuses on practicing full, safe, normal movement to improve and increase your range of motion around many of the joints of the body. 

£4 pay as you go

Men's Beginners Pilates

Men's Pilates and back conditioning class. This class is delivered by a Level 4 qualified male Pilates and Postural Stability Instructor in our downstairs studio.

7 week course £52.00 including diagnostic and postural assessment. 


Introduction to Online Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Course

 Your instructor Pauline takes you through some basics to help you understand more about why pelvic floor muscle training is so important and the anatomy of the pelvic floor - with a little help from Pedro the Skeleton! 

Zest Mini Bites!

Try this a wonderful and relaxing neck and shoulder mobilisation from a full length Stretch & Balance video by Jan. Sure to help loosen tight muscles!