How much is a membership?

Monthly - £34, including a free induction and one free week. Our monthly membership includes all classes excluding pilates and spin sessions. 

Student - £30 a month. Includes a free induction. Our student membership includes all classes excluding pilates and spin sessions. 

Pay as you go - £4 - £8 depending on the class

Do I have to join a group session?

Your welcome to use the gym at your own leisure. 

However we recommend joining our group sessions. Not only will our trainers guide you through a workout you'll have others to motivate you to do more than you would on your own. You can find out more here by clicking the button:

Can I try before I sign up?

If you commit to a monthly membership you will receive a free week. 

I have health issues, can you help?

Zest are a L3 exercise on referral gym. This means we can help people with a variety of health issues. 

Each individual will fill in a PAR-Q on their induction. This will help our trainers determine the safety or possible risks of exercising and how we can help you train to achieve your goals. 

Can I do a mixture of classes?

You are absolutely welcome to do any mixture of classes you like from our timetable - keeping it varied means things are always fresh and you are training different skills and abilities!

The only classes we charge extra (on top of membership) are Spin and Pilates classes.